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  • Great to see the site was updated and this is now cross listed under the Arduino shields

  • Are you using this shield with any other shields? if you are, you may have a pin conflict since button D3 is hard wired to pin 2.

  • This is a great shield for R3 layout arduino's (why is is not listed under the Arduino shields? This definitely should be cross-listed)

  • Question: Why is the SEL button and button D3 set to Digital pins 2 and 3? This creates pin conflicts with the default configuration of many other shield boards, like the XBee shield board. At the very least this board should have started at digital pin 4 (using digital pins 4-9).

    Suggestion: wouldn't it be better to have the Joystick shield designed more like the Xbee shield? Such that there was a solder jumper which could be cut for each button, so that all buttons could be easily remapped to any pins by soldering in wires. (the XBee shield has some great design principles applied to it, design principles which should be applied to every shield)

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