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  • If I connect VDD (Main Supply) to 3.3v and leave VCC1 and VCC2 unconnected, will those banks be powered by VDD? Or does VDD simply power the chip, and without VCC1 or VCC2 directly pulled up to a voltage, the banks will be unpowered?

  • Hello, I recently purchased this breakout board and am currently designing a PCB with the LSM9DS1 on its own configured to use I2C. My 2 questions:

    1) The LSB address select pins (SDO_A/G and SDO_M) does it matter if its configured as high or low or is this simply determining its I2C address which is used in software? What is the purpose of having this selectable?

    2) I currently have the two previously mentioned pins connected to 3.3v (High) along with CS_A/G and CS_M connected to 3.3v to select I2C. Can I simply connect these pins straight to 3.3v, or do I need to put a pull-up resistor on each? Can I use my MCU's internal pull-up (20 kOhm) and not add any external ones?

    (This is for the LSM9DS1 by itself, but i'm modeling the PCB based on the sparkfun breakout board).

    Appreciate the help!

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