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  • I've tried everything to get the GPIO1 pin to actually go low. The I2C interface is working fine and I get the expected interrupt status when I query RESULT__INTERRUPT_STATUS_GPIO but electrically the GPIO 1 pin never fluctuates. Just to review: I'm setting SYSRANGE__START to 0x03 (continuous range mode), SYSTEM__INTERRUPT_CONFIG_GPIO to 0x01 (low threshold), and I've tried both SYSTEM__MODE_GPIO1 0x10 and 0x30 (active high|low) but nothing seems to work. Again, using AtmelStudio/DebugWire I can verify the I2C interface works as expected generating the appropriate interrupt status when polled. Has anyone had any luck with this? I'd like to put my MCU into deep sleep and only wake it up on interrupt when the sensor detects something nearby.

  • nm. I'm an idiot.

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