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  • If you are looking for two way telemetry using a pair of this module "XBee XBP24BZ7", then better do not buy it at all, I purchased one pair and suggesting, based on my findings.

    For transparent serial communication between the airplane and the ground station, you need to configure one of the mudule as XBEE COORDINATOR AT" and the other one as "XBEE ROUTER AT".

    The the X-Bee configured as "COORDINATOR AT" will be at the ground station and the other one which is configured as "ROUTER AT" will be in the airplane.

    My findings are; 1. The speed of data flow from Rouert AT X-Bee to Coordinator AT X-Bee is very fast and have no issue.

    1. the speed of data flow from the Coordinator AT X-Bee to Router AT X-Bee is very very slow and not acceptable.

    When I tried to use with APM, I was very very difficult to read and write waypoints from the ground station.

    First I suspected if there could be any hardware issue in one of the X-Bee but it was clear when the problem got shifted when I swapped the configuration of the two X-Bees "XBee XBP24BZ7"

    I tried on different bauds and even newer and older firmwares of this X-Bee "XBee XBP24BZ7" but same problem.

    There is no such issue in "XBee Pro 60mW Wire Antenna - Series 1 (802.15.4)"

    Digi needs to take care of this issue promptly if they really want to keep this product selling.

    Recorded video, describing this problem:



  • It seems that Sparkfun has gone crazy and even thinking about the price.

    Much better UDB is available in 70us$.

    You can keep the price of this product at the maximum of 40US$.

  • dac621,
    it supports even the PIC30F series through ICSP Port.
    As far as PIC16F876 etc. are concerned, they can be directly programmed by inserting on the programmer PCB.
    If you do not have a PC with serial ports and also your Laptop is not having serial port (Not USB to Serial Cable), then better you buy a PC for you or this programmer is not for you.

  • This Programmer is really a great Programmer, it is available in India in less than 8 US$.
    I am using it and very well, just to share my experience;
    1. Do not even try to used a USB to Serial Cable, it will not work. Only and only use your PC which has serial ports or use that Laptop which has COM port.
    2. According to me based on my experiance, WINPIC800 is the only best program as I have discovered few bugs in others.
    3. Through ICSP Port, the microcontroller (PIC30F4011) of my UAV Dev. Board 2 was not getting programmed using ICPROG. Then I tried WINPIC800 ver 3.63, it was superb, and the microcontroller got programmed in few minutes. Do not use WINPIC800 Ver 3.64, it stops working after few days giving some error message.

  • Why the Green board (with Analog Devices's Gyros) of UAV v2 Development Platform is not available from Sparkfun ?
    The Gyros on the board are highly prone to vibrations which causes sevre errors in the flight.
    Hope someone from Sparkfun responds it quickly.

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