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  • ...an answer to my own question, with some help from the comments below. The labeling on the board is confusing. If one looks at the board with "+ in" at the top left, the "+ in" is the gate input, the "- in" is negative input, the bottom right is positive from supply (battery or whatever) and the bottom left "- out" is the switched line from the mosfet.

    It's certainly not intuitive- perhaps the board labeling could be more clear. I didn't realize the large pads and holes were for conductive thread, not large diameter wires!

  • My company ordered a big pile of these for a project and we've come to find that the + in and out pads aren't connected to each other! Can anyone confirm or deny this? I've noticed that v-bat isn't connected to the output + in the schematic, I'll check the Eagle file next.

  • Has anyone had a problem with the wav trigger randomly outputting erroneous samples? I've seen this effect on two scopes. I'm about to record some audio to verify that I'm not crazy. The random samples are more evident if the input wav file uses a smaller portion of the available bit depth but exist even in full-scale sine waves.

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