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  • If anyone can provide instruction to upgrade this to 500ma for powering a Photon Dev board please let me know!

  • Yes you can get 100mA from the BOD,... I'm using it. However at +100mA it will cause the BOD power regulator to shutdown/restart (the LED on the BOD will flash or go off). If the power BOD flashes or go's off when powering your UNO then you're over the power limit! :)

  • Guessing: If you attached the heat sink to the bottom and not the driver IC ... then it is very possible that the heat was not dissipating though the board as expected. The red silkscreen of the bottem side would prevent a good contact to the VIA's and provide a poor contact aria unless modified.

  • Information and Guessing:

    [APWR] Jumper is also hard wired as shipped and enables the on board (3.3v or 5v) regulator.

    [VCC] - Can be an input or output based on the [APWR] Jumper. [VCC] - Does not need to be used. [VCC] - Can only supply about 100mA. Example: Powering a Photon WIFI Dev board with the BOD. It will NOT work as it requires 400mA startup but only 100mA running.

    If: You connect VCC BED to your PI

    Result: The BED, has a APWR jumper that is HARD+Jumper pads that would need to be CUT with a knife.

    Found: If the APWR is not cut then it will output 100ma at 3.3v (or 5v) back to your PI. if you have 4 connected that's now 400ma that may now cause an issue or burnout.

    Summary My Guess ... It's not exactly clear how this APRW jumper worked in the instructions but it's in there vaguely.

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