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  • this contraption uses 2 sets of 4 in series. when in series they seem to have a neat interaction with each other.

  • The BS2 is a great place to start with microcontrollers. In 1995 I used three of them to build a car alarm with voice and radar. One handled communication with a DTMF decoder chip and processed the inputs from the 2 button remote and radar sensor. The DTMF was an input from a ham radio for super long distance control. The second BS2 handled the remote start operation and management. The third communicated with an ISD chipcorder and controlled the audio amplifier. It had 16 recorded messages. The audio was also linked to the ham radio so it would respond to tell you that the car was cranked.
    Yes these are basic, but you would be suprised at what you can do!

  • Thanks MUX, mine had the same problem, the address was 0x80 instead of 0x40 with SDO grounded.
    I'm using a picaxe 18M2

  • Thanks sparkfun. I was able to get a piece of the pie this year. I missed out last.
    I hope you decide to do it again. Thats the power of free! - Mac

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