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  • The pads are a single use item. Ideally you want to protect them from water while wearing them. Sweat (and water) will slowly degrade the adhesive, especially if the skin under the pad is moving.

    Ideally, clean the skin with an alcohol pad before applying the pad. Also, if there's any hair under the button you won't get a signal (or a very poor one). THAT means, if you want a sensor in a particular spot, you may have to shave it first.

  • If you had put the microphone at the end of the ear piece, you might have got a better sound/signal. The bell (the big end you stick on someone's chest) is essentially the amplifier. By putting the microphone IN the bell you're kinda defeating its purpose.

    Just a thought.

    Excellent pick on the Buttoneer! That would be perfect to secure EL wire to various fabrics, without sewing! (Not that I mind sewing...)

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