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  • Stay on target . . . Stay on target . . .

  • I want to stick one of these guys in an SEM! I would be glad to image over the entire chip and then tile them together to get one nice map. Sparkfun guys drop me an email.

  • I work for a company, who will remain anonymous that manufactures e-beam lithography, FIBs, and chip scanning equipment. I would be very interested in looking at some of these if you guys could strip off the surface.

  • I have tried Csloser's AVR code, but all I get is one horizontal line, the top most specifically to write. I have hooked the output of my DB0 - DB7 to an oscilloscope to confirm I am writing. I have also confirmed this corresponds to my CS1/CS2 signal. has anyone else had this issue?
    On the page Csloser links to, he recommends a pull down resistor. Could anyone comment on the importance of this? Could this be the cause of my one line LCD?
    Thanks in advance for ANY help.

  • I would also like to see some!

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