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  • Works very well with my phone for controlling media. (Samsung S4 running CM). Any hope for FW replacement or release?

  • Very nice board, very well made, runs NETMF. Use mine all the time. A great board for any experience level of user and very good for professional NET developers who don't want to deal with the Arduino.

  • Test

  • Posting on SFE while driving. How wonderful.

  • Fancy seeing this here! I love my Netduino, it's a great little board!

  • Hmm... I just got one of these sensors. I flashed it to the AHRS code and tried to read it with the Python GUI. the big problem is that the sensor is amazingly off and the numbers it's returning are very, very jittery, or at least that's how the GUI made it look.
    Anybody know what I'm talking about?

  • Thanks!

  • There is an RTC, although you need to supply a backup battery. ENET is not exposed. You can use the Arduino Enet shield though.

  • After a few days of having this board, I can say I absolutely LOVE it!!
    It would be nice if Sparkfun removed all the comments made by idiots who have no clue as to what they are talking about. Hardly any of them have any grain of truth to them, and they are only going to scare people away who may contribute to the product.
    Seriously, MS haters -> GTFO

  • Alright, listen up.
    My FEZ (with included USB cable!) came today. After a little bit for installation (And upgrading the firmware), I had my first program loaded.
    The FEZ is plenty easy. There are a few things that aren't so easy for Joe Smo (installing drivers), but anyone commenting here about "OMG WORST PRODUCT EVAR" is full of crap. .net works perfectly fine, and the board doesn't feel slow at all.
    My first program used a USB joystick to control an RGB LED (yaw=red, pitch=green, roll=blue). It really couldn't have been much easier to code it up and, just like the Arduino, you can deploy the program with a single click.
    I understand there are people here who are going to flame the product "OMG MICRO$haft SUXXXX", but do yourself a favor and ignore them. I actually own one of these, and I am very happy with it so far.
    Haters gonna hate