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  • Is there a path out there to gang these, perhaps 5-10 pushing code simultaneously?

  • If you are having difficulty getting Blink t compile with a fresh install of Python 2.7 and the Arduino IDE, with a "'serial' module not found' error or similar, try installing 'pyserial'. If the installer hits a wall because it cannot locate a registry entry for your Python version, try this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17872234/how-to-add-python-to-windows-registry

  • Phase extraction is a form of chromatography, and it separates by molecular polarity in a manner similar to many traditional LC/column approaches. In this case, both phases are liquid rather than a traditional column separation in LC methods, where the stationary phase is usually solid. The hydrophilic carrier oil is edible which is sometimes not the case with eluents in LC. While there is dilution, great concentrates for room fresheners, flavorings, lotions, and soaps are very accessible with this method.

  • The PoScope is a complete waste of time. It arrived, and 5 hours later it was bound for the landfill. Most of the useful features don't work:

    • Trigger is only active on chan A. You cannot even use channel B while it is on. The zoom doesn't work, and you cannot see the time base or vertical divisions. You have to calculate them.

    No serial decoding works...this was a key reason to buy it.

    One of the inputs is really noisy...like over 100 milivolts P-P, while the other is not noisy.

    The manual lists a lot of features, but few of them work. The buttons stay grayed out. Following the demos online on YouTube will not work.

    The logic side of things works slightly better, but is useless without the basic timing/triggering functions working properly.

    This was tried on 2 different computers (2 brands, W7 & W8.1).

    No dice.

    It is a disaster. Do not buy.

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