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  • Got it.

  • Helpful website here!

  • Same problem as all of you. I did manage to mess with the baud rates to get the returned values as actual numbers instead of those random ASCII characters, but the return was "2550" then it just repeated 0's over and over again. It's not a defective camera; I have two of them and I tried on both. After some fiddling with the code, I discovered that the availability check on the camera was always returning 0. I started out where all of you did, so it's likely the same problem, but anyone who has a solution, please post it!

  • I have connected the camera to the Arduino UNO board. (The code provided is out of date by the way). After fixing the code, the operation still wasn't working properly. After some testing, it was discovered that the camera never registered as "available" in the code. Can someone help me figure out why?

    The wires were connected directly to the board (RX/TX, 5V, GND), and I have tried two of these cameras, so it's not likely to be an issue with the camera itself. Is there some extra wiring required via protoboard, or anything else I'm missing?

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