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  • I heard they were taking AIBO to be fixed...

  • Mr. and Mrs. Sam Adams, of Boston, announce that, at the insistence of the Church, the venue for the marriage of their son Grizzly to Buzz Lightbeer of Milwaukee, WI and to Bud Miller of St. Louis MO has changed. The ceremony will be held at the Civic Center this Sunday, after the Rollerderby. The trio are registered at SparkFun Electronics, and will honeymoon in Golden, CO.

  • Anyone know what part to use (in the SFE Eagle library) for this pot?

  • Yup, I had to modify the RELAYPTH part after I received the relays an saw the actual pin arrangement.
    If anyone at SparkFun is interested, I can email you the corrected layout for your library.

  • Thanks.

  • I've ordered a couple of these for switching equipment with a 5V MCU, and I see now that the data sheet says the "Pick up voltage" is 9VDC - can anyone confirm that these will switch on 5VDC?
    Also, the datasheet's pinout is different from what appears in the SparkFun Eagle library as COM-00100 (RELAY-2G5Q). You need to use RELAYPTH instead.

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