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  • I did a quick video tutorial/review which discussed how to use and connect with an Arduino - http://youtu.be/BiJMsMguv-M?hd=1&t=8m9s

  • UPDATE: I figured it out. the "top pin" or left-side goes straight to 5V. The middle pin is nothing. THe right pin (or bottom pin) goes to Analog 0 (or any anolog pin you wish) but is also pulled low to ground with a resistor [I'm using a brown/black/green resistor which I believe is a 1mm ohm because it's the only one I have for the moment and it works fine). No pressure yields a zero value. It's very sensitive from 200-600. Hard pressure required to get above 600. Couldn't very easily get to 1024 (the max). code is a simple analogRead on pin0.

  • Could someone offer some advise/guidance on hooking this up straight to an arduino (sans opamp)? Per the pdf datasheet, I have the top pin going to Analog 0 (the datasheet shows this pin going to an opamp, i believe). The middle pin is nothing. The bottom pin is "Vt -1v" which I tried hooking up to 5V and 5V with a resistor. I was getting analog sensor readings in the serial monitor, but they weren't consistently correlated to pressure on the pad.

  • (Clarification: I'm using Eagle Light version 5.5.0) as freeware.

  • Having a tough time following the section where the tutorial tells you to "add these parts." I cannot locate the #3 x CAP (Device name CAP0603) : 0.1uF/0.01uF 0603 capacitors, 1 x CAP_POL (Device name CAP_POL1206) : 10uF tantalum capacitor, 1 x INDUCTOR (Device name INDUCTOR0603) : Ferrite bead or the USB ((Device name USBPTH) : USB Type B through-hole connector).
    Any advice?