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  • new board shared as: “Sparkfun RN052 Breakout board modified 0.2”

  • M-Short - good catch, a couple of caps cleaned it up: a 10uF and a 100n. I’m going to add this to my modified SparkFun breakout board (and recommend that SparkFun do the same)

  • Has anyone else had connection dropping problems with this module? I just got this thing setup and while it connects great when you first power it up, and even starts playing music, after about 5 seconds it drops the connection and then is no longer available. I followed the instructions here:

    By the way, for those of you who don’t want to wait for Sparkfun’s breakout board (like I didn’t) I went ahead and fixed it and shared it at OSH Park. Look for “Sparkfun RN-52 breakout modified”. I fixed the mislabeled connections and changed the LEDs to 1206’s



  • yes, but the critically important question is where do you get those little pirate flags!?!

  • Thank you SparkFun! This year was much better than last year - I knew I’d never get through the quiz for the connectivity issues, but I was ecstatic when I managed to lock down the loyalty code :-)
    The funny thing is the next day I went to use the code and the item I wanted (Arduino Mega2560) was out of stock. I put myself on the watch list and
    5 minutes later I got a mail saying it had come into stock. My new toy is in the mail.
    Thanks Again, you guys are great!

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