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  • I had been a hobbyist programmer for about 6 months, before I read enough to understand Hexadecimal. Once I understood it's application to what I was working on it started to click all of the different places it was used. I pretty much had to take a week off while all of the things I'd read for 6+ months without understanding fell in to place.

  • I'm not sure, but I think that the default connection type is SPP which is a Serial Port type connection and I don't think that iOS supports Serial Port Connections. If you are only sending data to an iOS device, consider an HID Bluetooth Module. HID Keyboard mode can be an easy way to send data. If you want to receive data from iOS I'm not sure what you should do.

  • I just ordered a couple of these, to see what they are like. I was really surprised at how much I learned from the Scrap PCB's that are also available in this category. Just seeing how V-Scoring was actually done and how useful it could be influenced how I lay out my own Circuit boards. Who know what additional insight I'll get from these.

  • I'm having trouble with the statement "A single hexadecimal digit can represent four binary digits!". <br />
    My understanding is that HexaDecimal is 16 so it would hold up to 16 binary digits, Not 4. <br />
    <br />
    I'm a programmer that has worked with Packed Fields (AS/400) and I can't figure how it only holds 4 binary digits.

  • I picked these up because of the price and found that they are great little ZIF sockets but the have wide flat pins, so they don't work on my AVR Dragon or AVR Dragon Rider boards.

  • Power Supply is very handy!
    Product Suggestion: to complement this breadboard power supply. I would love to have just a small serial 1x8 LCD or as big as 2x16 if not too heavy I'm good with a couple of legs to touch my desk in order to get 2x16, setup like this power supply with the pins lined up for a Breadboard. So instead of using a single LED to debug programs with, I could use that same "Debug" pin to get real information from my programs.

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