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  • yes, same here. Used Audacity to convert .wav to .ogg, now it works fine. Files are smaller too!

  • this thing is perfect for getting into tight spaces, works great and very well made!

  • I needed some LEDs for debug indicators and was short on pins, so this fit the bill nicely as I can just hang it off the I2C bus I'm already using! I'm not doing anything fancy with it, so the code examples were overkill and, frankly, hard to understand, but after some experimentation with the simple_demo.ino I figured out an easy way to drive these that works great!

  • Suggestion: it would be nice to have a version with the pcb sticking out the top rather than the bottom, from an industrial design point of view. That way you don't have to reach over any wires or route wires under the keypad, etc.

  • I like this display a lot, generally works very well. One program I'm running results in a lot of flicker, not sure why. I saw an old comment about them turning off when there's no data, but I don't think that's accurate anymore. I can send data statically with a very simple debug program using a keypad and it's rock solid. Another comment mentioned adding pullup resistors, perhaps that would help? I don't see any on the schematic, or on the Redboard schematic, so maybe that would improve noise immunity, but they aren't needed at all on my debug program, so I have my doubts. Any suggestions?

  • The pictures appear to show gold plated contacts, but when they arrived they clearly are not.

    I looked up the Digi-Key part number in the comments after I got these and sure enough, tin plating.

    I wish I had known/checked before order these, I went by the images and ended up with the wrong item.

  • +1 on global shutter request, important for robotics, etc., where the platform may not be stable (moving). Image sensor is capable of 60 fps, might help if M7 can operate it at that speed rather than 30 fps.

  • what motors do these fit on? It would be very useful to know that. The white mounting brackets appear to fit nicely around a specific motor size. So I assume they are useless with larger/smaller motors.

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