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  • If I wanted to put this on the other side of the breadboard could I just build it upside down?

  • I just realized I forgot the bridge connections over the cnter of the breadboard to actually connect the data lines to the LCD. It works now I think I need to adjust the contrast or something. The text on the display is more visible when looking at the display from an angle.

  • I just bought this and thought it had the HD44780 chipset but now I started looking at the datasheet for the pin interface descriptions and I realize that it has the KS006U chipset? Is the datasheet wrong or is the sparkfun description wrong? Or maybe they are basically the same chipset? I'm confused right now. Do I need to buy a different LCD? Steve

  • I have a serial enabled LCD that I connected to an arduino in the past but now want to get more back to basics using just the AVR chip. I wanted to use it with an AT tiny85 but I think that's not possible. Am I right? I need a chip with USART capabilities? Or is there a way to connect it to a tiny85? Thanks Steve

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