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  • Despite Gilliam’s best efforts, the “Crowd Favorite” award goes to Ishmael in the red work truck! Congratulations!!

  • Is it me, or is Dave starting to sound like Napoleon Dynamite in this product post? :-D

  • Yep, got it working. Power supply quality is key. I found that my power supply wasn’t up to the task of handling the current spikes associates with transmitting. Beefed up my power supply, and things started to work extremely well. I do have to admit that I am not pushing the bandwidth envelope though.

  • This is exactly what I need, but I need something with a max V+ of 12V. I checked Maxim and I don’t think they have such a thing. Any ideas on an alternate supplier of a similar chip?

  • I went to Samtec for a custom set of 9-pin stackables, the part code I ended up using from Samtec is ESQ-109-14-G-S. The pins are long enough to give me 3/8" to ½" clearance of the board below. Just enough clearance for a socketed chip.

  • I’m putting my money on one of those musical Cristmas light displays. ;-)

  • I, too, am looking to build a wireless sensor -> iPhone arrangement. At first, I thought bluetooth was the clear choice, but I ran into the same roadblock as you. If you manage to crack that nut, broadcast it. I will do the same. In the meantime, I’m just going to be doing Ad-Hoc WiFi with this module. Hope the iPhone can connect Ad-Hoc to it. Haven’t found any who’s tried yet. I’ll know in a couple weeks, though.

  • Gave them my $0.02 via email. This is ludicrous…

  • Was going to ask the same thing. Even though it’s 2mm pitch, I’d really rather go with a breakout board. Too expensive to mess up with a home made board.

  • Just a suggestion for the next revision of this excellent product. How about adding in a keypad encoder function? The encoder would scan up to a 4x4 keypad and output the key press information on the TX line of the serial port. (Similar to this,

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