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  • Either in a cardboard box or out of it, my geiger counter reads about 10-20 cpm. Does this make sense? Is there a way to verify proper functioning?

  • My geiger counter reads about 15 CPM per minute. How is CPM converted to other units like uR/hr?

  • Looks like iphone is 3.3V. I guess easier to add separate Arduino and power supply. I'm assuming it is hard to add LCD directly to 11345.

  • I just bought one and want to make it portable. It would need a power supply and display. It could be attached to an Arduino with an LED display and a battery pack. It might be able to work with a smartphone. It does not appear to draw much current. Anyone try to make it portable?

  • I just ordered this yesterday. Will I get the new revision?

  • They had 2 this morning, but now there out. I was waiting for approval from my son's science teacher before I bought it, which he just got. He wants to compare radiation levels near his school (by the World Trade Center) with a rural area. I hope they are in stock soon.

  • Why such an expensive tube for an "educational kit"?

  • It looks to use this, a connector is needed for the battery: And a header for jumper cables has to be soldered on for connecting to a breadboard.

    Does this sound right? It seems downright inconvenient. Is there a board with the right connectors?

  • When the detector is setup with a voltage divider (10k resistor and 5V), it reads about 2.0V. When I block a fairly large light coming from the next room with my hand, it drops to about 1.75 volts. So ambient light is an issue.

  • This is really great, though you might consider restricting it to high school students or setting up fund for high school students. Like some of the other posters, I feel guilty taking money away from the kids.

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