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  • I just uploaded a bunch of new faceplate designs for this enclosure system including a blank template, perforated/ventilated, and a range of DB9 designs. You can use these as-is or starting points for new faceplate designs. I have laser cut faceplates on 1/8" acrylic which seems to work well.

  • Nate, great report. Loved reading it. Question: how did that LED test chamber work? What did it actually do?

  • Any particular LCD you're looking at? We've considered LCDs before, but there are a plethora of them.

  • From my experience, the major benefit to hands-on instruction at Sparkfun is the Sparkfun people in the room. If you have any kind of electronics question, even if it's not directly related to the lab, you have a channel to get them answered in fairly rapid succession.
    I've also liked the confirmation that "yes, that's right" or "nope, try again" when doing new stuff. Surface mount soldering class and also their solder-pasted and stenciling class was good for that. Pretty tough to get that kind of feedback in any other format.

  • I apologize if you got 1/2" 4-40's in your fastening kit. I'll make arrangements with Sparkfun to supply them with the 1/4" screws and circle back with our manufacturer to find out why 1/2"'s went out with the kits. I'll also try to get ahold of the RMA'd unit to see if there's a tolerance issue either with the xM board or the sheet bending of the enclosure. Either way, we expect it to fit as it does in the assembly video, so if it doesn't, something has changed and I'd like to find out what it is.

  • I've been working on a few new items for the Chameleon 1. First some DB9 faceplate designs and secondly, we're in the process of design and manufacture of the no-flange lid suggested above.
    Here's an article on the faceplates that are in the works, particularly DB9 variations. I'm interested in feedback on the designs and any requests for new types of faceplates you need.

    update:12/20/13- these designs are available for free

  • Replacement case parts and components are now available if you're interested - lids, baseplates, hardware are now available ala carte. I'll be working with Sparkfun to offer them here as well.

  • feel free to contact me at: and I'll send you some new standoffs.
    I haven't discussed this with Sparkfun, but I'm more than willing to offer components separately so you can replace a specific piece that wears out without having to replace the entire thing. Again, contact me if you need spare parts for these and we'll see whether sparkfun would like to offer spare parts as well.
    I'm considering the non-flanged lid and other variations as well such as adding a DIN rail adapter.
    Thanks, I appreciate the feedback,
    Landon Cox

  • We'll be coming out with a Dog House for Beagle Board xM shortly. Stay tuned. Thanks.

  • Some were asking for writeups on vehicles - what was used, how was it built. Here's a swing at that from Team Buzzcut:
    To everyone at Sparkfun, thank you for a very fun day. It was great and we can't wait to do it again next year - improvements already in progress.
    The band was pretty over the top they wrapped around to the bottom again :-) Seriously, the band added a lot of fun.

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