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Texas Instruments

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American English, Texas English, small amount of Japanese

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Some C and arduino and Java


University of Texas at Dallas


Design, problem solving, prototyping, typing the Dvorak keyboard layout, brewing, making pie, first-order approximations, other obscure skills


I’m a multihobbyist. Everything is interesting to me; it’s just a question of time and circumstance what I’m working on right now.

  • It would be nice to know the wire gauge. I would like to use this for a battery pack that supplies over an amp.

  • Anyone know how much current this will draw when nothing is connected to Vout? I’d like to put my switch on the Vout side of the device, but I don’t want my battery to slowly become drained. The datasheet isn’t much help; it lists the ‘off-state current’ but I think that’s with the CE pit, which isn’t brought out, turned off. I’m interested in how much current is dissipated when the board is hooked up to the battery but nothing is connected to Vout.