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  • I don't think anyone's mad they didn't get their free stuff (it was free, and not guaranteed). However, a lot of people are very frustrated that they spent 1-2 hours attempting to get a page to load, despite already having their cart ready to go, and still not getting through.
    Personally, I'm bummed but it's no big deal. Nothing lost. But Sparkfun could quell a lot of anger by doing something small for everyone who couldn't get through - like a 20% discount usable anytime this week or something. Throw them a bone. I'd order my whole cart if there was a small discount. Either way I still need a few things.

  • Another vote for making a recording available, along with any handouts. I'd pay for it.

  • Be warned that the chip doesn't come programmed, and the common software to program this chip with is not compatible with Vista/XP x64 (PonyPreg will not even install, WinAVR needs the giveio driver which is not x64). Also, to program it you'll need to jerry-rig wires from the board to the parallel/serial programmer, or buy the $0.99 AVR adapter available here and some pins to have a less messy programming solution. A lot of headaches trying to get this thing programmed.
    Assembly is pretty straight-forward. It would be nice if they included a couple extra of the little resistors and caps - I sent one flying with my tweezers and good luck finding it. Rigged a full-size resistor across that gap to make it work, but this could easily be by including an extra few cents worth of resistors.
    Please warn people that this does not come programmed, and that the programming software is only x86 (32-bit) compatible.

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