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  • Nick didn't see the class leader fumble his soldering iron and instictively catch it between his legs.

  • Shouldn't this CPU be an ARM Cortex M4? The description indicates ARM Cortex M0. Sorry - was looking at Teensy 3.0

  • Couldn't you just slap a dab or stripe of paint on them and give them to a school board (since the packaging would be compromised)? Actually, I'm sure the students would be happy to paint them for you. I can't believe anyone would allow somebody to presume to own a color, or in this case a whole range of millions of yellow and gray colors.

  • Typical hardware guy ..... no idea what software is.

  • He may look cute now, but if he sees a green pig, it's a whole new story.

  • If you ask someone at NASA what SPARC means, they might say it is an acronym they coined for their Spectral Analysis and Recognition Computer. There are a couple of dozen other organizations that use the same acronym for different phrases, some of them pre-dating Sun's use of the term. Sun had to stretch to turn their Scalable Processor Architcture into an acronym. I always thought they did it to feed off the good name of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, who also got royally ripped off for their mouse and windows technology from their pioneering Star computer. I wonder if Sun paid Xerox for those technologies? When you say Xerox PARC it sounds exactly like SPARC. As cynical as I am it never crossed my mind that your company name could be confused with SPARC.
    Keep up the great work.

  • I share your frustration. It is unfortunate that some "people" make a living pursuing these frivolous but predatory lawsuits.
    The cynic in me might suspect they were just waiting for your company to gain some success, ripe for attack.
    When I think of SI, I think Sports Illustrated.
    SunFun will get over 300,000 Google hits, Sun Fun even more. Would they try to stop people from using the word Sun or Spark to refer to anything but their company?
    The cynic in me also suspects "they" have analyzed your nature and decided the risk is low that you would go after them with a punative damages countersuit, not because your case is weak, but because it would run counter to the spirit of your business.
    Anyway, enough negativity. I love your business model and all the cool products and sincerely hope your success continues to grow.

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