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  • What if I supply the GSM module through the barrel jack with >5V? Do I need to connect anything else except for RXd1, Txd1 and ground?

  • Did you get it working on Arduino? I also cleared the jumpers, and it also does not work anymore. It used to work fine via USB.

  • I see different things written in different places. Should it be connected at a BAUD rate of 115200 or 9600?

  • Thank you for replying,

    I am now trying to connect the ev board to Arduino Due. Do I just connect the pins RXD1, TXD1, GND of the evaluation board to TX, RX, GND of Arduino?

    P.S. I am powering the device externally through the barrel.

    Thank you again, I really appreciate it!

  • Hello, I bought 2 of these for the prototype I am working on. I am trying to connect the ev board to Arduino. Could you please clarify what do you mean by "clearing the RX, ... jumpers ". Do I need to desolder them from the board? Thank you!

  • Can I stack this on top of arduino Due?

  • Hi, Does anyone know if this evaluation board and the part itself will be enough to connect it to Arduino. Or do I also need a shield? Thanks

  • Hi all,

    I am a newbie trying to send a SMS using Arduino. I have this part and the evaluation board for it. Will those be enough? Do I really need the shield too? Thanks

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