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  • I would also like to ask at what temperature and at what pressure should I set the hot air gun (approximately at least)?

  • Hi all,
    Thanks for this great tutorial.
    However, I have a question regarding this tutorial. You might have mentioned this in a previous tutorial, so accept my apologies if you have.
    I see that all the boards in the tutorials are ‘professionally’ made.
    What would happen if I tried to solder a DFN/QFN chip on an ‘amateur’ made PCB?
    I have access to the below equipment:
    JetStar Premium -Inkjet Film for artwork production
    (I have tested the above film which will go down to 250um or less)
    Vacuum UV Units
    PA310 Tri-Tank Unit (Develop, Wash and Etch)
    (I should point out this is not an advert for the company producing the above equipment, but an honest question).
    I would be planning to solder the chip using a Hot Plate, but I do have access to a hot air gun as well.
    I would rather keep the PCB production in house. This is the reason I am asking this question.

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