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  • I recently bought this and it was great for a total of about 5 minutes. The first 2 times I tried it the TRex controller went bad. Completely failed. Then I bought a sabertooth which was MUCH better quality and seems to run fine. Unfortunately one of the wheel motors is bad. The shaft the wheel mounts on will not spin and is almost loos enough to pull out of the motor. I can wiggle it with my fingers when no wheel is attached. I am hoping I can get new motors. I really like the chassis but I guess I expected more than 5 minutes of use before a failure. I haven't even been able to take it outside yet. Makes me wonder if the motors will continue to fail.

  • I'm on my second one of these boards. I got one new from sparkfun and it ran for a minute or two then the two fault lights went on and they will not go off. Tried changing batteries and so on. I asked for a RMA but sparkfun's technical is anything but helpful. They made the RMA for the wrong item. Additionally it takes so long for them to respond to messages that I had time to order a second card from another site. Maybe sometime sparkfun will get their support right. The next board I received ran for a couple minutes and now its completely dead no lights or anything. At least the other site's support is more responsive and helpful. Avoid this board in my opinion.

  • There is a really great set of bits included, you dont get the 12 different philips bits instead you get a much wider (and useful imo) variety of bits. As others noted you have to use the extension for just about everything or the bits will slip. I wish the extension could fit in the nice flip up case they give you. Having said all that, for $10 you cant go wrong imo.

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