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  • Sparkfun, you have my complete support in this silly case against you. I hope you do not give in and change name but rest assured your customers will remain even if you are bullied into giving in: you're the best there is. Keep up the good work.

  • A word of encouragement for potential solderers!
    I soldered these successfully with no trouble at all. I only learned to solder a few days earlier by watching a short tutorial on youtube so I'm not at all expert.
    I would almost certainly have got it wrong if I had not read the advice here so it's great that bearsinthesea and BobSomers shared their experiences.
    I just wanted to point out that with care there is no problem at all soldering these sockets.

  • I completely agree with ARMinator. It would be VERY useful to have the 3V version of this relay. Very much hope you start selling it.

  • The XBee is indeed an excellent wireless module. Be careful about deciding which series (1 or 2/2.5) to get though. The series 2/2.5 modules do not have the extremely useful io line passing that the series 1 modules have! In fact unless you need the mesh networking, you should probably go for series 1.

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