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  • Hi,

    I've worked for a while with these LEDs and have a important notice if you would like to drive a large number (>60 leds) on one line. The integrated chips are not WS2811/WS2812 and have a different timing (compare the datasheets with WS2812). The used frequency of this leds is ~ 585kHz. If you use only a small number there are no conflicts with the neopixel library, but if you use a large number you will get funny flickering (on the last leds). Befor your waste your time to proof your power-supply or your used cap - keep in mind that you need to adapt the timing of the neopixel-library. After that I had no problems.

    Dear sparkfun team please put a note to your product. I've invested one weekend only to find these difference and now I'm very happy with these beautiful leds.

    If anyone need the adapted neopixel library code, reply and i will post it.

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