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  • If you get to see it, you'll find the design is not the same as the servo version technically. It's much stable and strong for people to finish their own project especially for the ones who want to do some project that needs accuracy, for example, 3D printing, Laser Engraving etc. Its repeatability is 0.2mm, which most of the part-servo-assembly version robot arm cannot achieve. Our goal is to make the robot arm easy and affordable for everyone, so we will try our best to achieve it. Thank you.

  • Thanks for your feedback. We are currently working extremely hard to improve the software. Each week we get new and valuable feedback and suggestions from our customers, and we take into account every piece of advice. We are very excited to see our community grows bigger and bigger. We've been keeping updating the documentations and the software. The instructions are much more well documented than the earlier, which you can find at our download center. Our goal is to make this robot arm easy and affordable for everyone, so we will never stop effort to make it better. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please always feel free to let us know. Thank you!

  • Thanks for your advice. Pricing a product, we need to consider many different aspects, including cost on manufacturing, structure, materials, labor, operation, marketing..etc. Also the quantity is an important factor in affecting the cost and this will affect the price of product. The price is fixed based on these after serious consideration. For the stepper motors, we are doing the test about it. We are also trying to lower the cost and price. Thanks!

  • Thanks for your advice! We can't agree more about selling the unassembled kits. But what we think over is the difficulty of the assembling. The previous acrylic version needs almost 5-6 hours to do the assembling and during the assembling we also find many steps which are difficult for people to access. So we do want to make some parts together and make the assembling easier, and that's the real reason why we change the materiel to the aluminum. Now it only needs less than 2 hours to make it, but there are still some steps which are not easy enough and we are trying to improve it. We will provide the unassembled kit as soon as we get everything ready. What's more, we are always keeping trying to provide our consumers the cheapest products with the best quality. Currently the quantity is not large enough, so it indeed cost us more to get the parts with best quality. Anyway, now we have several engineers who are good at these and trying to improve it. We are sure that we can offer better products with lower price in the future. Many thanks for your advice and we will try to do our best as always.

  • Thanks very much for your advice. There is no doubt that the precision of uArm is not good or even worse compared with the industry robot arm. And also the performance of the servos is not the best in the market. But the point is that industry robot and uArm are two different things. Although accuracy is not the most primary appeal in uArm, we also do a lot of work to improve it (decreasing the backlash in the gearings, using cnc to cut the holes and etc.). For our target customers we think , the easier to control, the better, and the more funny to play with it , the better. So we develop the mouse control, leapmotion control and learning model for the uArm and all of them are very easy to use and bring people a lot of fun. As it is known that every coin has two sides. Although the tail with the electronics can make the wires whip on the desk, but when uArm lifts something heavy in the end-effector the tail will play a very important role in keeping the balance of the uArm. Thanks for your advice again and it means a lot to us! If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to let us know. Thanks!

  • It is 10mm.

  • Really sorry for the inconvenience! Please send your address and phone number to, and we'll send you the servos for replacement.

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