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  • Never mind, the df command shows how the disks are mounted.

    I'm not sure how this got attached to another reply using my member number, so I'll try to put it here again.

  • x admin senses are tingling, couple of tidbits to cover when doing this method:

    Make sure to change ssh host keys per PI, this makes it clear if somehow ssh access is attempted to the wrong PI. Odds are 1 to 999, but still. Make sure the distribution used accepts dynamic MAC addresses for interfaces, ie a new MAC gets eth1 instead of old MAC’s eth0. This may not be noticed if DHCP is attempted for any interface by the distro, but certainly if assigning static addresses (but not by DHCP/MAC).

  • For us Windows users, how can we see the windows file system to access the RPi images when using the Cygwin terminal? My images are in D:\Documents\RaspberryPi\OS-Images.

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