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  • 3) The one true failure on Sparkfun's part was not managing customers expectations. From above-
    "We've beefed up our servers and completely re-written and streamlined our site. But realize that there are a lot of people with full carts waiting to hit the 'submit' button at 9AM. Servers may become slow, there may be timeouts so please be patient."
    This implied that if you were there at the beginning, and were patient, most likely your order would go through. If instead, you had said "We have no idea how any of this will go, and there's a good chance many or most of you will not receive a discount. We're experimenting here, so please, don't expect too much!"
    And please don't say "Our servers barely stayed up!" To most of your customers, they were effectively down. (Of course, I would have agreed with your statement if my order had gone through ;-)
    4)Please, PLEASE, don't stop sharing with the community or trying new things! It's great how SparkFun is supporting the electronics community!!

  • I had the same experience as most everyone else, no luck after trying for 2 hours, and I only live a few miles from SparkFun.
    I couple of things I noticed today.
    1) There are A LOT of negative comments about SparkFun today
    2) I never remember seeing any negative comments about SparkFun before today
    - to be continued...

  • For your next free day, could you change the rules so that you must order $200 worth of stuff in order to receive the $100?
    That way I can tell my wife, "You see, I had to order all of this in order to get $100 free!"

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