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  • What Arduino libraries are compatible with this board?

  • This $150 product is not ready for prime-time! The support forum is very,very slow in response. See support topic under Kinoma Create "Questions before I decide to buy ..." still waiting after 30 days!

  • Please Sparkfun ... to make this more useful product re-do the PCB shape into a very small circular PCB. Along the diameter edge have 4 plated thru holes on an even 0.10 " space grid at 90 degrees to each other. GND and Plus +5 @180 degrees apart and the DI and Dout also @ 180 degress apart. This pattern would make it possible to make a compass direction indicator, a WS2812 clock, a wearable (sewable) RGB LED among other useful applications.

  • Before I spend $59 on a Geophone sensor, I would like to see a Sparkfun application circuit that will work with the Arduino!

  • Quote "Sure, you can hook it up directly if you want. It will work."

  • Quote from above "A geophone works by translating ground movement into voltage, which can easily be read by a microcontroller"

    Please SF provide a schematic "application circuit" to interface your Geophone to an Arduino! It is not that simple to hookup to the Arduino A/D input. You probably need a precision OPA (24 bit) and some low pass cut off filters.


  • The SX1509 Output I/O Expander Breakout is one slick board and it would be better if Sparkfun could do the following re-design and make a 2 wire I2C Universal LCD and tact joystick interface controller board with the following features:

    1/2 SX1509 8 bit port bank controls a 2x16 or 4x20 LCD with ST7077/HD44780 controller. Note: Liquid crystal library would need to be ported to drive your "off the shelf" character LCDs with the I2C SX1509.

    The other 1/2 SX1509 8 bit port bank would poll your remote mounted 5 position tact navigation joystick BOB. To add robustness to the universal LCD controller, an NMI interrupt is also used to detect any joystick changes.

    The Universal LCD and tact joystick interface controller would need to operate with dual 3 V or 5 V systems.

    Spare GPIO I/O bits from the SX1509 would PWM the backlight on the LCD displays for energy savings and a digital pot or PWM to control the contrast, if possible.

    Imagine having only two wires (plus vcc and gnd) driving a LCD and receiving joystick inputs for LCD character navigation.

    If you produce this board, I would be the very first to buy it from Sparkfun!

  • I bought the key switch above and the precision machined nut was so wobbely on the threads that I had to use hot glue to hold the switch in place. SF should recheck their inventory for these bad machined nuts.

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