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  • I've only just skimmed this but it looks like great stuff, Nick. I'm definitely going to revisit it. Thanks! At a glance it sounds a bit like Electron... could you weigh in on any big differences?

  • I don't know if you're already returned yours, but mine came with the battery pack disconnected. The device would not work without it (even if plugged in). Once I opened the phone and connected that it worked.

    So far the inbound ring doesn't seem to work, but outbound dialing does. Using Android here.

  • Well said. It sounds like reason prevailed here, on all sides.

  • Lol. End the madness, reissue the unused credit! ;)

    Free Day Redux - Reanimating the Dead (gift certificates)

  • Management at the ready with cattle prods. That's how work keeps me motivated.

  • Hmm... scrape from ec2 instances, push jobs through mechanical turk for humanity check, pay out at 1,000:0.10 USD... win? Better check the turn-around on HIT's and start making your accounts now. ;)

    I'm just gunna try the old fashioned way... cross my fingers and hold my breath. It could work.

  • Indeed. Someone get to work on that virtual open house!

  • I'd tried tinkering with picaxe years ago, but after building the little board from a pen-drawn circuit sketch, and finally blinking an LED, I found myself in a, "Ok so... now what?" situation, and abandoned it. I hadn't actually learned much.
    Less than a year ago I bought this kit. The amount of consideration that went into this thing is amazing. That simple little project booklet and circuit overlays are great. Things clicked, and now I do all kinds of fun and useful things with various mcu's, my own boards, etc. It was the perfect launch pad to a whole new hobby.
    I might be a bit beyond one now, but if I'd known of a formal follow-on kit I almost certainly would have purchased it. Maybe something that dealt with voltage dividers, using additional libraries, maybe throw in that inexpensive dmm, etc. Does SFE have something like that?
    Anyways, thanks! My nephews are definitely going to inherit this kit. They're going to love it.

  • I don't know. I think the claw is $10. So $30 for two job specific brackets, a servo, all mounting hardware and wrench doesn't seem too bad. It looks like the servos alone go for $11 on SFE.

  • Range.