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  • Jim came to the realization that the horrors of 2016 had left their mark on him.

  • Pictured above is leaked footage from the upcoming Shark Week Special: Sharks get Smart

  • Only one?! Was my first thought, but then I laid eyes on the raspberry pi block. GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART, and a USB port for power on one board? Sign me up. Add in the fact that I could connect my PiTFT monitor to give myself a display and I am sold. One simple block takes the role of 4 or 5 different blocks without costing the same as 4 or 5 different blocks together. I could build a robot with multiple sensors, the laser tag game I saw mentioned in the comments, probably even a pretty good smartphone that can make calls over wifi. THE UNIVERSE IS MINE TO COMMAND!

  • Pete is willing to acknowledge that it may not be the best improvisation job, but at least he is in the shade now.

  • The new Matter Annihilating Nucleus Obliteration Reactor (MANOR) seemed to work pretty well, but then someone pointed out the problem. It had to be a mile away from whatever it was powering, and extension cords could not convey that amount of power cheaply enough to be an alternative to the grid. Not to mention that deadly radiation thing, that was a problem too.

  • Clark realized that his three year second place streak in the account could Coe to a sudden end if he added a blue shell deployer to his new vehicle.

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