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  • Maybe they started development before there were a bunch of 3-axis gyros available?

  • Yes, that's what the datasheet says. However, when we got some of these modules, there were several frequency options printed on the silkscreen of the PCB, and "434MHz" was marked. This didn't make sense to me - has anyone tried using these modules at anything other than the 434MHz band?

  • Hmm, that's disappointing. Other small OLEDs I've used (eg UG-2864AMBAG01 from Univision) have inbuilt switchmode controllers, so you just need to add an inductor, MOSFET and a couple of capacitors to generate the 12-13V the display needs.

  • The kapton stencils are much nicer than mylar - less burrs / ragged edges on the cutouts.

  • You could have avoided the extra transistors by arranging the output transistors in the optocoupler to pull the line UP to "HV" and using pull-down resistors to pull the line DOWN to "HV_GND". This assumes that the circuit this is connected to could tolerate the relatively weak pull down of a resistor instead of a transistor pull-down.

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