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  • We've just assembled our first ClockIt and have some issues with the design & instructions.
    The major issue: the ClockIt display flickers noticeably at somewhere between 20 and 60 Hz. I hope this could be fixed in software.
    Hardware & instructions issues:
    We couldn't find the gold '-' sign on any capacitors; our kit came with a grey '-' sign. The instructions didn't make it very clear that each part should be soldered down in the order given. It also would have been easier to trim the legs on the ATmega168 before soldering it down. Actually, it was awkward that the barrel jack sits atop the ATmega168's pins. The board is much prettier on the top than on the bottom.
    Lastly, we had trouble keeping the display flush with the board. Perhaps it should be soldered down second rather than 10th?

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