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  • After some poking around, I found the issue. The Due does not seem to process data type char the same way as AVR based boards do. I switched the two instances of char (found on lines 46 and 47 of HW711.cpp) to int8_t. It should now read as follows:

    for (int8_t j = 3; j--;) {
      for (int8_t i = 8; i--;) {
  • Has anyone successfully used either bogde's library or agueuo's library on an Arduino DUE? I am able to get the Sparkfun firmware examples to run on a MEGA. For the DUE it will compile, but my serial monitor ends up just being blank.

    I imagine that it has something to do with differences in architecture between AVR and ARM, but I am not familiar enough with either to know where to go from there.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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