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  • My above comments have been maligned. I like Sparkfun and their innovative culture.
    But as a patent holder in the semiconductor field myself. I’m not ignorant of the process. I find it ironic and sad that the hobbyist feel somehow superior in culture to the “big institutions” that have in fact enabled their hobby/culture in the first place. If it were not for all their cool inventions, the Sparkfun enthusiast would not have any bits and pieces to build their clever little hobby gadgets out of.
    Hobby electronics exist because of the success of these “big institutions” we should be thanking them. They contribute far more to our hobby then we do to their businesses.
    Also, since when is the point of a patent (or a hobby) to make money? Anybody getting rich building their own toys? My hobby is costing me money, which I think it should. But I’d bet there are a lot more rich patent holders then there are Sparkfun hobbyist… I’m not one of them, but I know of several.

  • I find it ironic and sad that a company who makes its revenue by reselling other peoples patents on the internet would have such disdain for those who make these things possible.
    Patents on products like MEMS gyroscopes/accelerometers, GPS receivers, and OLED displays, which Sparkfun resells for a profit, are why your company even exist in the first place. Seems like the folks who patented all that cool stuff have served you well enough.
    You guys need to lay off the Boulder Kool-Aid. Just because you can stitch stuff together on a circuit board, stuff that was designed explicitly for that purpose, doesn?t place you in the same league of super star inventors that created those bits and pieces.
    You should not be promoting such a crap book or philosophy. You should be promoting the technologist that have created all the patented bits and pieces that you resell for a living. Your hobby/profession exist because of their technical achievements, not the other way around.

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