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  • The main thing is that I’d like changes/improvements made by other users to make their way into the original branch, and vice versa, rather than dev happening in two places. In other words, I don’t want to have to keep copying back improvements from SF, or if I make improvements, I don’t want yours to fall behind. If there’s a way to arrange that, I’m happy! (Sounded like it was just going to be duplicated over, but maybe it can be branched into your repo? I’m still somewhat new to GitHub, so apologies if that’s what you meant).

  • Yep, go right ahead! Actually, how about a link to the source repository? That way the two won’t get out of sync when updates are made.

  • I’ve created an Arduino library for this module, now available here:

    The module implements the powerful TSIP binary interface, and includes an example sketch. This should make getting the GPS up and running a lot simpler, especially if you need to get at some of its more advanced features.


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