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  • Yes in fact I have profited from a patent. I currently hold 2 and have 6 more filed waiting first office actions. With 2 more in process.
    I had a good idea. But needed allot of money to get somewhere with it. No one would invest in anything that didn’t have some sort of protection. Otherwise company XYZ could just take it and your screwed. Patents aren’t a poor mans game. Yes the system isn’t perfect but for its original purpose it works just fine.
    As to Sparkfun. Not trying to be funny but there isn’t anything here that hasn’t been done 10 times before. You just do it better than the next guy ;-) Yes you can get some garbage patents. But one key aspect to all patents is they need to hold up in court. This is how the checks and balance system works. Patents + Law.
    Whether it sounds like it or not, I do like Sparkfun. Heck its even inspired me to make changes to my business.

  • Hence lets not forget all the useless patented technology behind that CPU in your computer that most of your open source software runs on.
    Intel would have no reason to invest billions on highly talented engineers if everything they did was public domain…
    Take the wonderful Audrino and its openness. Not possible if it weren’t for Atmel investments in technology inwhich they patented.

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