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  • Hobbles | News - 2009.11.23 | November 28, 2009 at 6:41 PM
    I will stab my self if i forget about this!
    Lol this is what I posted after hearing about it last year.

  • That sucked a whole year of waiting for the next free day and 4 hours on the site 1 in advanced and 3 just trying to get through I couldn't even load the quiz page. I love the site but it was a complete suck fest about 5 mins before it started and is very depressing, to think telling everybody how I was not gonna miss free day this year and how awesome it is. So I'm kinda excited about next year but after this I'm not gonna expect anything better, because more people are going to hear about it that will probably counteract any improvements made to the server. Also amazingly by like some crazy thing of fate I was told the day before that I had today off and later realized that my random day off happened to be on free day, if I didn't have today off I doubt I would've gotten anywhere on my cellphone. Lol and just got an email saying I tried the quiz and answered 0 of the questions I'd like to know when that happened.

  • Darn 3 months off from $20 dollars. Hopefully there's enough/more in stock cause what I want to get is already sold out lol.

  • Any way to use i2c or 2-wire with it, im just learning about i2c and that would be pretty neat if you could use it with this.

  • Oh thought it would be under connectors or something.

  • I got the one with the green pcb so i have to solder to where the connector goes and tried three times its just to tight for me. It says you guys sell the connector, does it have a bigger pitch, where on the site is the connector.

  • Luceroz: Holy CRAP! The Max232 is NOT wired to any pins of the avr by default.... I've been beating myself trying to get serial working on the board -- under the very stupid assumption that the max232 was already wired up. PLEASE DONT BE AS RETARTED AS ME. On a related note, I can flash my atmega328's using an olimex parallel stk200 type programmer with ease on this board. This is one of those all-too-familiar situations where I wonder if my brain is wired correctly.
    Is that what was wrong man I gave up on mine cause I couldnt get mine to work.

  • Love using these things in my robots except I fried one and soldered the other one and get get it off (all my fault : /) these are wonderful and will be getting more.

  • I will stab my self if i forget about this!

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