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  • I would love to be picked for one of the extra boards! Count me in.

  • I have been using the SD Formatter all the time to wipe RasPi cards for use in my next project. It will show available space of like 100mbs, then afterwards show 16gbs or 32gbs. Not sure why you said it doesn't work that way.

  • Hello Everyone, does anyone know if any of the PINS on this Thing are PWM? I am trying 5, 0 , 4 and 15, without success.

  • Well, Good thing I checked here and the review, BEFORE plugging this thing in! As of a week ago, the polarity is STILL REVERSED on the JST...AND... NO official comment!! Those Chinese cables are looking better all the time.

  • I just noticed this text:

    "The Photon Kit includes a Photon with headers, a shiny white mini-breadboard, a USB-micro cable, and a couple of extra surprises to help you start building right away."

    in the description. I think someone got overzealous in copying and pasting the one from the ACTUAL kit, product.

  • OKay, thanks, but it seems weird to me that you have about 800 red and blue combined of these, but you retired the red board that allows you to use this product??

  • Hi there, I am thinking of picking a couple of these up, but I can't find the red board as shown in the last picture. Can someone point me towards it?

  • Towards the end of the Description, it says this: "Check out or related products for batteries and battery cases." The recommended products have nothing to do with batteries or battery cases!

    I seem to find this issue on many of items listed on SF.

    EDIT: Seems I have been missing those arrows for about 2 years...Whoa!

  • Well, that's just strange because everywhere else I have seen kits that put multiple parts together, give a Discount for it, NOT raise the price for the package deal.

  • The "Hookup Guide" link is broken for this product.

    EDIT: Thanks Toni_K, looks like that works and just what I needed.

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