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  • Let’s say, economic advantages of domestic solar power are only a tiny part of the overall benefits of this system. I mean, you do realize, that we’re run out of fuel, don’t you? It’s not that we all had better get prepared to shift to alternative energy supply. It’s that we MUST do that for the planet, which values much more than all the money in the world. Solar systems are not the most expensive ones, but if your area allows you to do it, you should think of it more than just any personal benefit of saving money of energy, but an evident contribution necessary for the planet. Here comes the other point: why on earth you should pay for saving environment if you won’t use it in another 100 years? It’s a fair claim. In fact, it’s a large-scale action required from the humanity, not only from a couple of Californians. So, it’s a huge task for the global community and every government in particular, rather than every member. We have programs , and quality ones. And it’s not just about solar energy. The the sources are various and differ in application and capacities. Even though it’s a global issue, environmentalism comes from every single step we do every day: from trying to save money on bills and being more efficient to the installment of 40K solar panels which will definitely pay themselves.

  • Isn’t it evident that it’s a complete mixture and even substitute of interest? The point is, what they call net neutrality is completely opposite to what it’s supposed to be. Obviously, when you expect the Internet to be open, you suppose access to data, but not the violation of rights regarding the information that is supposed to be confidential. No one wants to lose security when it comes to personal details, or banking information. So appears security point is the best appealing cover to shield the plans on scaling down net neutrality. Curious fact, as much as the neutrality oppressed from one side, it’s widely promoted on the other side (for example, the Dead Drops project can be found in almost every big city today). When it comes to real regulations, which promote security in the Internet, rather than press down the openness, it’s evident that more effort is to be applied. Probably, redirecting the energy towards combating fraud would be a better point, than trying to filter access to content and make the net biased and closed. Of course, the achievements of the recent years, especially in the field of personal finances , are obvious. Still, it’s not the reason to “cease fire”. So why don’t we promote openness against violation, not vise versa?

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