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  • Good job on the board. Next board spin: check your gerbers and make sure all your silk is on the right layer for the parts. You are missing ref des'es everywhere and the solder jumper reference SJ11 doesn’t match the note on the back. Works like a charm!

    The only suggestion I would have, add pads for low pass filtering, band pass or high pass on the input.

  • I just received the lipo charger. It works for both iphones and blackberries. Joy!

  • Ok, answered my own question. It has a switching supply. Take a look at the tear-down picture in the 2A version.

    Still don’t know if it has the resistor strappings to work with an iphone though

  • I’m really confused by this product. The charging IC is a linear charger, but what is producing the 5V? Either this has 1) a switching power supply or 2) it has 2S batteries and it is regulated to 5V. Anyone at Sparkfun know? You said you opened it. Does it have an inductor in there?

    Has it been tried on an iphone?

  • I highly recommend that if you use this device that you tack TVS on the IC pins or pot the entire circuit with some kind of clear epoxy. ESD protection was not even considered in this design.

  • Fzzt! Mine blew. SF should probably post some replacement parts for people to buy.

  • Where did you get the hollow sphere? Is that something you are selling?

  • Maybe you could use shrink wrap for your overlapping areas, or shrink wrap the entire thing. Shrink wrap comes in all types of wonderful colors.

  • Does this part have an internal diode to protect the FET from inductive kick?

    I recommend for any CAN to USB or serial port needs. I’ve worked with their USB-CAN adapters and software and it is the best-performing for the price. The API is relatively simple and for $259 you can get drivers and source code (in C) for windows. The link listed above is a simple serial-can bridge to work with teraterm or hyperterminal

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