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  • So, I'm still seeing a warning on the battery pages. Are you able to ship batteries to Canada?

  • Does this come with the supercapacitor on board? I can't see the photos.

  • We could harness the waste heat to power the miner itself AND keep it cool!

    Although I think Bernoulli, Joule, et al might have something to say about that idea. ;-)

    Still, I always thought using a computer's waste heat to generate some electricity (while also cooling the computer) seemed like a better idea than just using a heat sink and fans to heat the room, even if the efficiency is limited...

  • Yeah, this isn't very helpful. From the photos I can't even tell if this wire is coated with plastic or something else or if it's bare wire which happens to be red. How flexible is it? The description doesn't tell me anything either except that it's flexible and 25'.

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