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  • News - New Product Friday | about 11 months ago

    Awesome, congratulations. I recently made a similar move (Help Desk -> Sys Admin), and have a similar standing with the old team (rubber bands instead of Nerf darts). Fun stuff.

    I mention the “general purpose definition” thing because our Help Desk was always called for stuff that wasn’t remotely within the standard spectrum of responsibilities, I thought it would be funny if Sparkfun was the same way (and maybe it is anyway).

  • News - New Product Friday | about 11 months ago

    Tech Support personnel model your shirts? (Assuming i’m not mistaken on who that is, and they haven’t changed departments). Sounds like the general purpose definition of “tech support” we have at my company :-)

  • News - Donation Day - Supporting… | last year

    Nice kilt/vest/flashes, guy in the kilt!

  • Product TOL-11527 | about a year ago

    You have some seriously shiny coins! Is your photographer a collector or something?

  • Product SEN-10623 | about 3 years ago

    There are none, since it is all of them. The only related product would be itself, and given the types of energy involved (and it’s apparent over-unity), that is an infinite loop you don’t want to get involved in.

  • News - Happy Free Day | about 3 years ago

    Admittedly, I forgot all about Free Day, too caught up with work. Congrats to people that got something cool though!

  • News - Arduino: The Documentary | about 3 years ago

    For one thing, there is a HUGE difference in ease of use and approachability between FPGAs and the Arduino platform. I can’t stress enough how big of a difference it really is.
    Secondly, there aren’t many good cheap FPGA boards out there. They all seem to start around $50 and go up (I have seen them over $2500).

  • News - It's a Quadcopter Christm… | about 3 years ago

    I think that may have been one of the greatest ads for anything. Ever.
    I like the little dance at the end too. Awesome.

  • News - Free Day is Done | about 4 years ago

    I wonder if people realize that a server can stay up without a connection getting through. As a matter of fact, an active refusal of connection when there is a heavy load is rather common to ensure that a server does stay up when it is getting many connection attempts.
    I can’t wait to see data on server load, should be interesting.

  • News - Free Day is Done | about 4 years ago

    Also, anybody that claims to be going away from purchasing from Sparkfun just because of this, was probably not a real customer anyway. I’ve never dealt with a better electronics supplier then Sparkfun.

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