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Orbduino: The web controlled robotic arm

  • Tessar/all-
    I had the exact same problem. After months of taking pictures and setting different resolutions, I accidentally created a bug where I sent an illegal resolution value. Once was all it took and now it shows the first part of init (Ctrl infr exist, User-defined sensor, 625) but never returns “Init end” and never accepts commands. How lame!!!
    How was your interaction with LinkSprite? Did they fix it for you?

  • Any feedback on this shortage from SFE??? Newark says “Lead Time 57 days”, that’s the most info I’ve seen…

  • I had the same question. The 328 data sheet says Vih max for any pin is VCC + 0.5. Since you are powered from 3.3v, the highest voltage on any input should be 3.8v

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