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  • This is tough. They are big and it can cost you a lot to defend what I consider your legal rights. To pharaphrase a movie, "I am big, you are small, I am right, you are wrong." Clearly they can kill you with money and legal fees even though I think they would lose.
    This type of legal bullying goes on all too often in our society. I think it apalling. What to do. I would like to see you fight it but can you win against their money. I think you would win but am not a lawyer and they can bleed you for a long time.
    I would like to see you fight. I would be willing to contribute. Perhaps a large number of small contributions could overcome. I would also suggest you contact the Electronic Freedom Foundation ( This is a great organization dedicated to fighting abuses of our rights in the electronic age. This is a little off their direction but they might be interested. They would I think certainly give advice.
    This makes me ?mad as hell?
    If EFF does not help, I would suggest a contribution link on your web site. Its a risk for you, I hope you are willing to fight.
    Charlie Bisbee

  • It was plugged into a hub. The hub works with many devices, including USB 2.0 devices so I think the hub ok. When I plug it directly into the computer and bypass the hub, it reports a PnP ID of VID_058F&PID_6366. This is recognized as a mass storage device and things seem to work. So I am left to conclude that it is likely a timing issue in the reader. I cannot rule out the hub either but it is used a lot and for many different devices and without issue until this device. SOOO I am working if a little less flexibly than I would like.

  • I purchased one. It does not work as on Windows XP it is reporting a PnP ID of VID_0000&PID_0000. This is clearly an invalid value. When installed it (as expected with this ID) becomes an Unknown device.
    Help would be appreciated otherwise its another paper weight.

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