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  • Ah I see. Any way to adjust the sensitivity of the gesture range as well (reducing the the range to register gestures < 5 inches etc...) or would I have to modify the library as well?

  • At the moment the interrupt increments a counter for the handle gesture function. The handle gesture function then determines the gesture, increments another counter, and vibrates a motor. I can take out the vibrate motor code, but is there a way to re-enable the pin without calling the gesture function?

    Thanks Shawn!

  • I was banging my head trying to figure out why the code wasnt working, and I realized that the handlegesture() function has to be called when interrupted otherwise the INT pin wont be brought back to 3.3V. I made a simple counter code to test this out. Detaching and reattaching the interrupt pin doesn't bring the INT pin back.

    This is probably not the intent of the gesturesensor, since you probably want to call the function when an interrupt is called, but I was testing a code where I had an event which I didn't want to register the gesture readings or interrupts. Using a combination of noInterrupts()/Interrupts() or detach/attach during this period didnt work either, as it still registers an interrupt and keeps the INT pin low until readGesture is called again.

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  • I've also tried to detach and reattach the interrupt button to see if it would get the INT Pin back to 3.3V, but that didnt work either.

  • I've tried the sample gesture code on github, and that worked without issues. But when I tried to slightly modify the code, I had issues with the INT pin getting stuck at low. Right now I have a simple code to continuously loop and increment a counter. Using the same interrupt code in the github file, the interrupt gesture button decrements the counter when when it catches a falling edge. I can paste in the code if it'll help with troubleshooting.

  • I've been playing around with this Gesture Sensor, but I seem to be running into an issue. There are certain cases when I've attached the sensor for FALLING edge, and the sensor reads a gesture , the INT pin remains at LOW 0V, which prevents it from reading anymore gestures. I've tried unattaching and reattaching the pin after each interrupt, but this does seem to work either. Anyone one have an idea of why the INT pin stays stuck at low?

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